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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Temperature Correction Chart

Temperature correction factor for all R.O. Membranes.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

All reverse osmosis membrane elements in existence are affected by two key factors; temperature of the feed water and the net driving pressure (psi) across the membrane element.  There should be a minimum of 50psi feed water pressure in order to achieve adaquate net driving pressure across the membrane element.
Temperature is a large factor because water becomes more viscus (thick) the colder it gets until the point it ultimately turns to ice.  This effects how readily the water will filter through the reverse osmosis membrane element layers.  This understanding is key when determining how many GPD your system will produce at various feed water temperatures.  The following information is provided to assist you in roughly calculating the affects of the temperature factor.   The higher the temperature, the more the product flow and vice versa.  Find the temperature correction factor (TCF) from the table Below.



For a thin-film membrane permeate rate at 77F (25C) = 100 gallons/day.  What is the permeate rate at 59F (15C)?


Temperature correction factor (from table) = 1.47

Permeate flow at 59F (15C):  100÷1.47 = 68 gallons/day


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