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Garden Hose Adaptor For Water Systems


This Garden hose adapter will hook into any outdoor Faucet. This adapter allows for the complete control of the water flow into your Aquasafe System.Your Garden hose will attach directly to the bottom of the adapter allowing your outdoor faucet to operate as it always has. By allowing gardeners to have their Aquasafe System outdoors, this is ideal for gardeners who want to water their plants with R.O water. This is also ideal for those gardeners who wish to water their plants and flowers with acidic water from the discharge of the Aquasafe System. This adapter would also hook up to a laundry sink faucet normally found in a home garage, allowing for Aquasafe's Systems to be located in the garage where a water container could then be filled and chilled elsewhere in the home. Please note that this adapter will not allow for R.O water to run through your hose. This is an adapter for the feed (Source) water for the intake into the Aquasafe System.

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