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DI Resin - 24 oz (Buy in Bulk - Save up to 20%)


After the filtration and the RO purification the water is very healthy. However, there are still many bad things left in the water. To get pure water, it must be subjected to a secondary purification (this is why some vodkas are double or triple distilled. De-mineralization by Ionization (DI) will get those remaining 4-5% of any remaining turbidity. This produces RO+DI water. It is the same process that is used by electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturers who need the purest possible water.RO+DI water is quickly becoming the standard for bottled water. We have now made this quality water affordable for the average home. Keep away from heat and light and the shelf life is years.

Used in Maximus R.O. drinking water System and all Aquarium Systems.


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