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DI Canister w/ DI Resin - 6 oz


Get the Aquasafe Systems upgraded DI canister & 6 oz of DI beads, and save on both!

Our new & improved 6 oz. DI Resin Canister, and 6 oz of high-quality DI resin beads. Aquasafe's DI Resin Beads are color indicative, when the resin changes from Emerald Green to Amber/Brown/Orange you know its time to change the beads. Typically the beads will last around the same time as the pre filters. Most clients change the resin when the change the prefilters.

Remove the remaining 1-5% of turbidity left after RO Membrane filtration.
These are the same beads relied upon by electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturers who require the purest water!

RO/DI water has set the standard for purity in commercially available water. With an Aquasafe system that employs high-quality RO Filters and DI Resin Beads, you can have this same reliable, ultra-pure water on hand for your home or aquarium!

For Aquasafe Maximus, Aquarium and Aquarium Dual Systems.



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