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Dechlorinating Bath Ball


De-chlorinating Bath Ball

Enjoy the luxury and peace of mind of filtering the bath water as well as the shower water!

Enjoy softer smoother skin when taking a bath with the Aquasafe bath ball filter. 

Chlorine can easily damage sensitive skin, making you feel itchy and irritated after bathing. The Aquasafe bath ball purifies water by removing 99.9% of the chemical chlorine. Perfect for babies sensitive skin, as well as children and adults. Simply attaches to your bath tap.

The Bath Ball uses a patented Chlorgon media that has been certified and tested against NSF/ANSI standard 177 for the reduction of free chlorine. These bath ball filters also have mineral balls in them to enhance your bath water's PH and reduce hardness and scale build up on the sides of your bath tub. It will give you a chlorine free bath for about 6 months or 50 baths TO BUY REPLACEMENT FILTERS CLICK HERE


 Universal detachable harness
 Attaches to any tub spout
 Comes complete with a filter cartridge that lasts approximately 50 baths

Replacement Filter Cartridges make refreshing your bath ball easy.

Aquasafe Systems is WQA Water Quality Association Member three year warrenty on all aquasafe reverse osmosis water filtration systems 30 Day Guarantee on all reverse osmosis water filter systems Worldwide Shipping We accept VISA and MasterCard Paypal Verified DIY friendly 1-2-3 step by step instructions

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