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BB-20-SED - Big Blue (20" x 4.5") - 5 Micron Sedimentary (SED) Filter



Aquasafe 5 micron poly spun polypropylene Sedimentary Filter

The BB-20-SED 20" x 4.5" Sedimentary filter fits into all standard 20" Big Blue Housings industry wide.


State of the art Sediment Removal

The Aquasafe BB-20-SED utilizes advanced spun polypropylene technology, producing an SED with an increased surface area throughout, resulting in maximum particulate load retension capability. This filter captures particles throughout the entire filter depth to effectively trap sand, silt, dirt, scale and rust and is designed and manufactured for resistance to bacteria and a wide range of chemicals.

  Spun polypropylene for greater filtration capacity, durablity and reliability

  Resistant to bacteria and chemicals

  Removes all sediment, rust, silt, scale and other particulates larger than 5 Microns (nominal rating)

  Greater Load capability over standard wound technology

  This 20" x 4.5" will fit into all standard 20" Whole House Filters Cartridges

  Capable of flow rates 7 - 10 GPM with low pressure drop under 2.5 psi.

In addition to the most common residential uses of this SED filter to condition the entire homes water supply, the BB-20-SED is also capable of a wide variety of sediment filtration applications often applied to commercial and industrial uses effectively reducing or eliminating ultra-fine sediment from a variety of fluids as pre-treatment or simply as a stand alone filter.

The BB-20-SED filter will fit into the Aquasafe Big Blue (Dual Stage) Whole House Water Filter System


BB-20-SED Specifications and Performance data.
Gallons per minute 7 - 9 gpm
Maximum operation pressure 90 psi
Dimensions 20.0"H x 4.5"W x 4.5"D
Maximum operating temperature 100° F (37.8° C)


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