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6 Oz DI Resin Canister Upgrade Kit


Aquasafe's DI Resin Canister Upgrade Kit replaces our old, discontinued, white-capped DI canisters and features improved appearance and ease-of-use.

Wondering whether your system uses the discontinued DI Canisters? The old canisters are not clear, and their caps are white. If you're still using the old canisters, we recommend upgrading:

Our New 6 oz. DI Canisters are much easier to deal with. Caps come off either side for easy refilling of the DI Resin Beads.
As the new DI Canisters are clear, they're more attractive to look at - and you can easily tell when the DI Resin Beads have changed color and are in need of replacement.

If you're still using the old canisters, why wait? Upgrade today and enjoy greater convenience and canisters that help you get the most out of your DI Resin Beads.


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