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200 Gallons Per Day - Upgrade Kit


200 Gallon per Day Upgrade Kit

(perfectly adapts into all Aquasafe Home, Maximus and Aquarium RO systems - extremely easy to install)

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Typical uses for a 200 Gal/Day Upgrade Kit:

• Large Households (5+ people) • Corporate lunch rooms / coffee areas • Schools • Community Centers • Restaurants / Coffee Shops • Aquarium Keepers etc...


1 x FILMTEC MATERIAL (Dow Chemical) High Rejection TFC .0001 micron Reverse Osmosis Membrane
✔ 1 x RO Membrane housing with elbows and check valve included
3 x ''Y'' Adaptors to connect your new dual-membrane system
2 x Canister clips to attach your new membrane onto your current system
2 x feet of each kind of color codded tubing (white, yellow and blue) ensuring adaquate length to make all connections needed.
Installation Instructions - Easy to follow, step by step supported with pictures and schematics.

Filter Changes

Each of the R.O. Membranes has a 4000-5000 Gallon purified water production capacity and therefore, once you have your upgrade kit installed, they will need to be changed when approximately 8000-10000 gallons of purified water has been produced by the system. If you haven't changed your current R.O. Membrane recently, we HIGHLY recommend that you order a new membrane for your current system so that both membranes will start out 'fresh' at the same time. This means you will change them at the same time which will be much simpler.

Schematic of how the extra membrane fits into your system
(in this example a Maximus II System is shown)


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