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Why You Truly Need A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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RO Systems are the best way to be certain of safe water.

Water is our most precious resource along with air, and essential in all aspects of life. However, it is becoming increasingly hazardous to our health with all of the contaminants now found in our water sources, and coming from our taps. Most of these chemicals and toxins have already found their way into your home at some point or another without detection, and aren’t being tested for by your municipality or community. And while there are many systems that provide cheap filtration, there are only two methods that provide the 100% pure water that’s guaranteed safe. One is distillation, which involves boiling off and recapturing the water and is exceptionally expensive. The other is reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis systems provide guaranteed safe water at the best price possible. They filter water through a series of water filters that decrease in size, ultimately passing it through a reverse osmosis membrane that only allows the water through to the other side (miniscule amounts of ions may remain as well, which are removed by deionization via DI resin). Ultimately, reverse osmosis is the most economical and effective way to be safe from the rising levels of contaminants within our water supply.

These contaminants vary in substance, but are all in some way harmful. They range from common toxins that people are currently aware of, such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, and nitrogen (some of which people erroneously believe are harmless). Others such as arsenic, radioactive particles, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and fossil fuels could be much more dangerous, but tests and studies have not been done, so we are unsure of their effects as of yet, but you can be sure they will be linked to health issues in the future.

Drugs are in your drinking water.

Drugs are in your drinking water.

According to the EPA, there are over 80,000 toxic chemicals in our environment, and the numbers continue to grow as we manufacture new chemicals all the time. These are too many for the EPA to monitor, and they will inevitably at some point find their way into our water systems. (Find more info on the EPA’s site here)

The only contaminants tested for are the common toxins that are common knowledge, and a few others, but the list is very short, compared to what is actually in your water. A typical test checks for levels of only a small sampling of substances. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more that are yet to be regulated or tested for. One of the largest concerns they have right now is the amount of pharmaceuticals in our water. Health authorities are simply not sure which drugs will affect the population in which ways over the long term.

While many, believe that a simple water filter will protect them from most of these threats, but the fact is that a water filter will only remove basic bad odors and sediments from water, leaving behind many things that people would have expected to be removed by the filter. Some may point towards more expensive water filter, which bill themselves as reducing fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins. The catch is, they only “reduce” these toxins. But by how much? Many manufactures of mere filter systems will not disclose the reduction rates, and with good reason: they are miniscule.

As of now, there are hundreds or water filters or water filter systems out there on the market that are cheap, and have great advertising, but there are only two solutions that truly remove everything that may be of concern within one’s water. These methods are found within water purifiers, so named because they don’t merely filter the water – they produce pure water. One such method is distillation. The other, reverse osmosis.

Distillation is a very expensive form of water purification, and a very slow process. This process can be used to reduce most of the toxins in the water, but because some of the contaminants have the same, or higher boiling points than water itself, not all contaminants are removed, possibly leaving you with water that could potentially be harmful.

Reverse osmosis on the other hand, is the most advanced form of water purification, forcing the untreated water through a membrane which will leave you with nothing but pure water, or the closest to it as possible. A reverse osmosis membrane itself, does not remove all contaminants most efficiently – there is no need to clog the membrane up with larger particles that can be removed beforehand with other filters. This is why RO systems use pre-filters.

There is also a misconception about reverse osmosis in that it will strip all the beneficial minerals and vitamins from your water, and in fact will, but will also leave you with the purest water. But the fact of the matter is that most of your vitamins and minerals come from the food you eat during the day, not the water you are drinking. Otherwise, you would be able to live off just water.

The fact is that a water filtration system of some sort is becoming a necessity, and without it, could be detrimental in the long run. And frankly, even if you end up buying a cheap water filter that removes chlorine and sediment, it is better than nothing. But, with all of the threats that lie hidden in our water these days, the best available solution for protecting yourself is reverse osmosis. And, when looking into a reverse osmosis system, make sure they have at least four stages, three prior to the membrane itself, to ensure the purest and safest water.

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