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Why Water Quality is Crucial to a Raw Foodist

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We asked a local Vancouver Island Raw Chef, Shani Cranston from hOMegrownlivingfoods.ca  and MilagroRetreats.com to tell us how important the quality of the water she uses in her recipes is. As we expected, she emphasized clean, filtered water at all times. Read on to see what else Shani had to tell us about water quality:

With Raw Food preparation there is no opportunity to boil away impurities that are present in tap water. It is essential to use the purest water possible to ensure that your final creation is uncontaminated. Besides the health concerns of polluted tap water, there is often a taste to this adulterated liquid with added chlorine and fluoride. With raw food, you want the taste of your ingredients to shine through.

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image credit: flickr.com/milagroretreats

When hOMe Grown Living Foods is catering at Milagro Retreats we incorporate many Living Foods dishes that have a high water content. Our simple Almond Mylk Recipe is always made using purified filtered water. This is the base for Smoothies, Creamy Living Soups and our Favourite morning kick starter ~ Chia Pudding. This and  more Living Foods Recipes can be found HERE

Because our menus are locally sourced and seasonally inspired, when we are in Mexico catering for Milagro Retreats we love to serve this hybrid Tortilla meets French Onion Soup and whenever we’re travelling we are sure to seek out filtered, pure water to cook with. 

We are blessed at hOMe Grown Living Foods Headquarters with pristine well water. If you have municipality water, a filtration system is mandatory. 

Water is the foundation to many dishes including soup stock, salad dressings and any cooked grain or legume. Don’t take chances with your health, use a filtration system that removes the impurities.

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