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Why Residents of Kitchener Ontario Should Choose Water Filtration

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The vibrant and multicultural Kitchener Ontario lies within the Saint Lawrence Lowlands in southwestern Ontario. With water that is largely supplied by groundwater, Kitchener is potentially vulnerable to industrial and agricultural runoff – and to the city’s own lead pipes, of which many remain despite an ongoing replacement program. It is small wonder then, that the city of Kitchener has recommended water filtration systems for its residents in order to improve its water’s safety and taste.

What Are The Water Sources for Kitchener Ontario?

Kitchener’s drinking water is nearly 80% groundwater, and the rest is taken from the Grand River. The Aquifers that Kitchener relies on for most of its water are composed of thick deposits of sand and gravel left by glacial rivers. Aquifers like this accumulate water through what is called ‘recharge’ where water moves downward through the ground from surface water (rivers, lakes and streams which are by turn replenished by precipitation) to groundwater. While groundwater is recharged annually by rainfall and snowmelt, it can also be artificially recharged using reclaimed water routed to the subsurface. Also, because recharge can be impeded by the construction of roads and logging activities, it is important to protect the regions where it takes place – especially where people depend on groundwater.

Kitchener’s drinking water is treated and distributed by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The raw drinking water is filtered first to remove any large debris that may be present. Then the water endures a flocculation and sedimentation treatment before it enters a series of filters to remove harmful particulates and neutralize bacteria that may be present. These filters include powdered activated carbon, sodium bisulfate, and seasonally, Acidified Alum and Polyaluminium Chloride which help remove particulates in the flocculation process and reduce pH levels to optimal ranges.

But Can Kitchener’s Water Be Truly Considered Safe?

Although the Regional Municipality of Waterloo tests drinking water regularly, Kitchener’s drinking water supply is somewhat delicate in that it can be affected by human activity within the region. Runoff in the form of industrial and agricultural contaminants from the surrounding area is a big concern, and in spite of regulations that ban the use of pesticides and regulate the use of industrial chemicals, some of them still leech into the soil – and eventually, the water supply. And seasonal fluxes in the water cycle can increase these contaminants. While Kitchener treats its water thoroughly, some pollutants yet remain.

In addition to its potential pollutants, Kitchener’s water supply has its own systemic problem: lead pipes. Kitchener’s water still sometimes flows through lead – especially in older dwellings – and while there is a program in place to replace the lead, it still remains in many locations. For this reason, Kitchener water authorities have also advised that using a home water filtration device can improve the taste (and quality) of drinking water.

Aquasafe’s Reverse osmosis water filtration systems fit the bill perfectly in this case. Not only do they improve the taste of drinking water and remove what lead may be present from the pipes, but they can also remove any contaminants that may still be present after any filtration process used by the Regional Municipality. A home water filtration system ensures that your family’s drinking water is pure and safe. For more information on water filtration, please visit our online store or contact us now.

If you’re at all concerned about the quality of your water, or you simply want to be certain, you should choose an Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis System. An Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis system will remove all contaminants from water, including THM’s and HAA’s, producing guaranteed safe water you can count on every time. And it’s only a few cents per liter! Shop online and save today.

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