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What Effect Does Drinking Water Have On Your Body?

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The human body can survive for months without food but only a matter of days without water.

This statement alone is indicative of the incredible impact water has on our health and well being. Depending upon your age, your body may be composed of up to 75% water.  Even a slight decline in hydration can have a negative effect on the metabolic processes of the body.

Water is involved in almost every bodily process from digestion, to nutrient use and transport, to body temperature regulation and elimination of waste.  If too little water is consumed, toxins can accumulate in the body causing various health problems. Inadequate water consumption contributes to an increase in body fat, poor muscle tone, decreased concentration and cognitive function, weakened immune system and poor digestive health, to name a few.

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Consuming quality water can help us slow the aging process and prevent or improve many illnesses.

This  is including diabetes, obesity, chronic pain and arthritis.  Unfortunately, not all accessible drinking water can be considered quality.We often assume the water that comes from our tap (be it city water or well) is clean and safe to drink.

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What we may not realize is how damaged our Earth has become and as a result how contaminated our water may be.

Fluoride, arsenic, iron and heavy metals such as copper and lead can naturally be found in our water supply.  Substances such as fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals enter our drinking water through the soil. Chlorine, PH balancers and other potentially harmful products are intentionally added to city water to help rid it of bacteria, cloudiness and discolouration.  All of these substances can have ill effects on the human body.  To ensure the cleanliness and safety of the water you drink, use a water filtration system to purify your water. You can reap the health benefits of water and avoid the dangerous pollutants.

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