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Water Purification: Recommended In Saskatoon

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Saskatoon Saskatchewan Water Filters

Saskatoon is situated in an aspen parkland biome; a relatively flat region characterised by aspen copses and grasslands. As a result this city doesn’t suffer from terrible extremes in weather, but does have four distinct seasons. Summer is their wettest season. Predictably, Saskatoon draws its water from the Saskatchewan River. The water treatment plant was first built in 1906 at Avenue H and 11th St. Steam driven pumps brought the water from the river to a clay lined sedimentation basin and then directly into the water distribution mains. It wasn’t until 1911 that new pumps were built and a rapid sand filtration plant was constructed to treat the drinking water before it was distributed throughout the city. This original plant is still in use today, though upgraded several times since then to abide by to modern regulations.

Taste and odour problems characteristic of Saskatoon river water are addressed with the addition of potassium permanganate. The drinking water then enters a sand separator to remove suspended particulates before entering the next phase of the water purification process. At this point ferric sulfate and lime are added. These react with various dissolved solids and other particles to make them larger (a process called flocculation) and easier to remove from the drinking water. Clear water is drawn from the top and advances to the next phase of the water purification process. Chlorine and fluoride are added once the floc has been removed to disinfect the water (killing harmful bacteria that may be in the water) and to help reduce tooth decay, respectively. After this Saskatoon’s drinking water passes through beds of coal and sand to further purify the water. Ammonium Hydroxide is added to promote the production of chloramines, which is effective in keeping the water disinfected longer, and reducing the chlorine taste of drinking water.

Why Do We Need To Make Sure It’s Safe?

Even though purified drinking water meets all cleanliness and safety standards when it leaves the water treatment facility, how can you be sure that the drinking water that comes from your tap is completely contaminant free? Saskatoon is, as other cities in Canada, old enough to still have lead pipes in use in the older sections of the city. Where the occurrence of lead poisoning is low, it’s quite simple to ensure the removal of any missed contaminants in your drinking water with a home filtration system. Reverse osmosis filtration systems work best to remove any contaminants like trace amounts of lead and other elements, to eliminate any residual chlorine taste and keep your family happy and healthy. Please visit our online store for the best prices on reverse osmosis water filtration systems or contact us for more information.

If you’re at all concerned about the quality of your water, or you simply want to be certain, you should choose an Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis System. An Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis system will remove all contaminants from water, including THM’s and HAA’s, producing guaranteed safe water you can count on every time. And it’s only a few cents per liter! Shop online and save today.

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