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Water Filtration vs Bottled Water!

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Water Filtration Beats Bottled Water Any Day

It’s not even close

Today’s post comes to us today from Angelic Grey, an aspiring journalist and student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Water filtration systems have revolutionized our world. They are energy efficient and create much less physical waste and toxic waste than bottled water. They are a much more inexpensive alternative to bottled water in terms of money, and in terms of environmental impact.

Bottled water is a sold by huge corporations that move communities like yours, dam up rivers and displace thousands, in some cases millions of people. They pay nothing for the water. They pump thousands of gallons all day every day even during water shortages, and droughts. It is then trucked away, bottled in plastic, which is a non-renewable resource, and sold back to us at a higher price than gasoline. Furthermore, to make plastic requires petroleum (another non-renewable resource) and also a lot of energy which in turn becomes carbon emissions that are pumped into the atmosphere, further contributing to global warming, and jeopardizing future generations.

bottled water waste

This is what results from bottled water.

There is also the physical waste that comes from using plastic bottles. Sure a lot of them are recycled, but a lot of countries and even some states in the US still do not have recycling. These bottles find their way into rivers and oceans where they photo-degrade (but never biodegrade completely) into smaller and smaller pieces, and release harmful pollutants and chemicals that threaten sea life, birds and ultimately, us.

It is a known FACT that there is not one person in the USFDA that monitors or regulates what is in bottled water. Most of the bottled water comes from ground water sources which contain contaminants and toxins such as animal and human waste, sewage, pesticides from crops, and other chemicals such as lead, arsenic, fluoride and chlorine, to name a few. A lot of these chemicals lead to cancers, diabetes and heart disease. A lot of the long-term effects are still unknown because bottled water hasn’t been around long enough to conduct such studies. None of this is monitored by our government.

Some places in the world do not have the luxury of having water piped to their homes. Having a water filtration system in your home filters your tap water and makes it safe for drinking. The bottom line is that water is an element, like air. It belongs to everyone. Every time you pay for a bottle of water, you are voting to support these corporations. Choose a water filtration system and take the initiative towards a healthier planet!

Choose Water Filtration Over Bottled Water

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