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Vancouver BC Water Quality & Water Filtration Systems

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Capilano Watershed

One beautiful source of Vancouver’s water is the Capilano watershed.

Vancouver is one of the best places to live, according to EIU’s global livability report and the Mercer’s Quality of Life report. With many parks, recreational activities and careers related to the environment it’s no wonder that Vancouver has one of the largest water collection and delivery systems in Canada.

Vancouver’s Water Is Natural And Abundant…

Because of its location, Vancouver’s water sources are plentiful. Three reservoirs collect water from the numerous lakes, streams and creeks that surround the area, providing one billion litres of drinking water a day. Even though these water sources are closed to the public (except for guided tours of the Capilano and Coquitlam watersheds in the summer and the Seymour watershed year round) to prevent contamination, Metro Vancouver treats drinking water before it is released to the public through their drinking water treatment program. Their goals are to ensure that all water distributed via the vast network of water pipes and water mains is clean and safe for public use.

…But It’s Not Guaranteed To Be Clean & Safe

Can we always trust municipal regulations to keep our water pure? Standards are set to ensure water quality, but events like excess rain and resulting floods may drastically change the quality of incoming water supplies. Runoff and other water sources can contaminate drinking water after it has left the treatment plant, especially in homes not serviced by the metro water system. (Some areas of Greater Vancouver fall outside of the metro water system due to their rural or marine locations.) Sometimes water comes from Vancouver taps looking cloudy or ‘turbid’. Turbidity occurs when there are fine particles of sediment or organic matter in the water. Heavy rainfall is one contributing factor; others include construction and water truck filling.

How to Be Certain Of Safe Drinking Water In Vancouver

Home water filtration systems can help ensure your water quality and keep your drinking water safe by removing chemicals, dirt, microbes and other pathogens. Water filters and purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, but reverse osmosis systems can provide the most comprehensive filtration and remove microbial, chemical and other types of contamination, including the residual chlorine used to kill Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites transferred from the birds and animals that live in the three watersheds that provide so many people with drinking water.

Chlorine is used to destroy pathogens that may find their way into our water sources. However, Chlorine is highly toxic in its undiluted form and even though the amounts present in drinking water are deemed safe, no mention is made about the chemical by-products of this poison. Chlorine reacts with organic matter to create by-products called Trihalomethanes which have been linked to certain forms of cancer. Even though Vancouver’s water is plentiful, its source is the wilderness and the likelihood of this kind of reaction is increased.

Reverse Osmosis purifies your drinking water by passing the water through several semipermeable filtration membranes designed to remove not only the sediment that causes turbidity, but also the trace elements and chemicals such as mercury, or chlorine that may be present. This kind of water purification system is popular in Vancouver for precisely this reason, and its versatility, ease of use, and affordable filtration media makes it an economical and practical addition to any home within Greater Vancouver. For high quality water systems for your home, shop online with Aquasafe!

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