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Toronto Water Quality & Water Filtration Systems

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Toronto is abundanty supplied with good water.

Toronto is a metropolis of diverse people and cultures situated on the shore of Lake Ontario. 4.5 million people live in the Greater Toronto Area which makes it a bustling centre for the arts, business and education.  The name of the city is derived from the Huron word for “fishing weir”.

Where Does Toronto Get Its Water?

Naturally, the city’s location means that it is a region rich in water resources, however drinking water is provided only by the vastness of the lake. Lake Ontario is not the largest of the great lakes, but it has a volume of 1639 cubic kilometers, more than enough to provide so many people with water to drink.

How Does Toronto Purify Its Drinking Water?

Raw water is drawn from the lake, filtered, cleaned and treated to provide the populace with safe drinking water. Standards are set and maintained by law so that the city can ensure that water purity is within safe parameters for everyone. There are four water treatment plants within the metropolis which use automated sensors to keep track of the water content to help maintain these standards.

How Does Toronto Provide Its Water?

There is network of reservoirs, pumping stations and hundreds of kilometers of water mains working every day to deliver drinking water to every person who lives, works or visits Toronto.

What Are Some Potential Problems With Toronto’s Water?

Toronto's Old Infrastructure

Toronto is an old city – and some of its infrastructure is quite old too.

Toronto is an old city. Established in the 18th century, not all water delivery systems are up to contemporary standards and sometimes, though rarely, lead pipes are still in use. Even though the city offers free water testing to determine lead levels in local water supplies, home filtration systems can guarantee that the water your family drinks is contaminant free.

Another problem that can affect water quality is runoff. Toronto is located in an area that endures a lot of precipitation, be it rain or snow. 307 kilometers of rivers and creeks run through the city and all of them flow in to Lake Ontario. Because of all the concrete present in such a large city, rainwater and snow melt do not filter into the ground, but run down gutters and drains and ultimately into the lake. This water can contaminate the city’s only water source with dirt, oil, chemicals and other detritus from the city streets. Toronto has a Wet Weather Flow Master Plan and the Backflow Prevention program in place to help regulate and improve the effects from adverse weather conditions, but these ongoing projects can only do so much to remove all the contaminants that water can collect.

How To Get Pure Water In Toronto That’s Guaranteed Safe

Home water filtration systems can help to ensure that your family is drinking pure, healthy water. Reverse osmosis systems are among the best water filtration systems available that you can use to purify your drinking water. These systems use a multiple semipermeable filtration membranes to help remove sediment, chemicals and trace elements like lead and mercury as well as harmful microbes and bacteria that may be present in the water source. This is exactly why people often wonder where to buy reverse osmosis water in Toronto – but a more economical question would be where to buy reverse osmosis filters in Toronto. The answer is to buy reverse osmosis filters online.

The versatility of reverse osmosis water filtration systems means that they are an economical and practical purchase for your home. Make sure you have a high quality water system for your family, please visit our online store. If you have any questions about how our home filtration systems work, please contact us.

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