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Blog - Benefits of Water Filtration

What is the best way to filter well water?

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well waterAs with anything these days, there are always many options available when you are looking for ways to treat or filter well water. There are some things to consider before you choose one method over another. First, is your well water already treated? Is the well managed by a municipality and how is it treated? Often “treated” merely means that it is chlorinated in order to kill bacteria and viral contaminants that might be present in your water supply. Unfortunately, chlorine is the cheapest way to neutralize bacteria that can cause terrible, if not fatal diseases in humans. The other method is UV treatment which is still expensive and not terribly easy to maintain.

Another thing to consider is how much turbidity your well water has. By this we mean how cloudy is the water; how large are the particulates of organic, or inorganic matter floating in it? You might need to use a pre-filter of some kind before the water reaches the house if this is the case.

With this in mind, there are ways to treat your water after these important steps that can also remove chlorine. One of these is distillation and the other is reverse osmosis. Paired with a good carbon filter, these can both produce safe drinking water.

Distillation is a process where heat is used to separate water from anything in the water: and what is left is purely water. This method is most effective in removing inorganic compounds (metals like iron and lead) and removing magnesium and calcium that cause water hardness. Because it uses heat to separate water from contaminants, bacteria is also neutralized. However organic chemicals that may be in the source water have a lower boiling point than water which means it is transferred with the steam. This is why it is important to also use a carbon filter. A downside to distilled water is that here are also no useful minerals left in it and is sometimes described as tasteless or flat. Some claim that the continual consumption of distilled water can throw the body’s natural pH out of balance and affect mineral deficiencies.

Reverse osmosis systems remove contaminants using a series of membrane filters. Harmful contaminants (both organic and inorganic) are unable to pass through these membranes but pure water will. Aquasafe incorporates a carbon filter in this series which ensures that all contaminants, including the chlorine used to kill bacteria, are removed. Aquasafe also offers a re-mineralisation package that will help balance your water’s pH as well as improve the taste.

Both systems require regular maintenance to perform well an both produce some waste water that must be flushed out on a regular basis. Reviews of both kinds of products tend to show that reverse osmosis systems are more energy efficient and produce better tasting water. Have more questions? Contact us now for more information!

If you’re at all concerned about uranium in your water, or you simply want to be certain, you should choose an Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis System. An Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis system will remove all contaminants from water, including hormones and pharmaceuticals, producing guaranteed safe water you can count on every time. And it’s only a few cents per liter! Shop online and save today.

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