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Shower Filters: 3 Surprising Benefits

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Many of us shower every day, often in the morning, with the thought of the shower doing us good and keeping us clean. However, showering can be harmful to your health when you do not have a shower filter.
Chlorine in our water has been so common, everyone accepts the chemical as “safe”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Chlorine is extremely toxic, and although you may have thought of a water filter to filter it out of your drinking water, the most harmful effects on your body come from the water in which you bathe.

Shower Filters Protect Your Body & Lungs

Chlorine is toxic when ingested, but at least your body has a chance to resist it. When you bathe in water with chlorine, your body absorbs it through your skin, causing immediate damage. The caustic chemical will remove your body’s natural moisturizers, leaving your skin dry – and aging faster. Showering in chlorinated water also exposes you to the deadly chemical chloroform. This happens when your shower starts producing steam, changing the chlorine to chloroform. This can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and others. Studies have also shown that showering in chlorinated water can lead to different types of cancers, and chlorine is now being identified as a carcinogen. So far, breast and bladder cancers have been related to showering in chlorinated water. All of the effects mentioned have an even greater effect on children.

When you have a shower filter, the threats mentioned above are no longer present. With the removal of chlorine from your shower, you will feel more energized, as the effects of chlorine cause drowsiness – something you don’t need first thing in the morning. Your skin will feel much softer and will require less, if any skin moisturizer. And with less chloroform seeping throughout your house, everyone within it will be healthier, too.

Shower Filters Make Your Shampoo Work Better

Contaminants in water make shampoo cost a lot more – because you need a lot more. When shampoo doesn’t need to clean your shower water as it cleans your hair, you save on it. A shower filter will reduce these costs. Beyond this, when chlorine is present, it removes the natural moisturizers from your hair, causing dry, damaged unhealthy hair. A shower filter will also reduce the cost of conditioner as your hair natural oils and moisturizers will be preserved within the hair itself, and will be naturally soft and stronger, the way it should be – not to mention the fact that dyes in your hair will last much longer.

Shower Filters Make For A Cleaner Shower

A shower filter also protects your shower itself from unsightly and potentially harmful and expensive buildup. A filter will not only remove chlorine, but will also filter out other sediments that make it through your shower head. This dirt, along with the chlorine is the build-up around your tub/shower.

It is estimated that 50% of our chlorine intake comes from bathing in chlorinated water, either being absorbed through the skin, or through the air you are breathing in your home. Experts are now recommending everyone to get a shower filter as it can be one of the biggest changes in your life to improve your overall health. Protect yourself, and your loved one, and make an investment that could possibly change your life.

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