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Reverse Osmosis Provides The Purest – And Safest – Water Possible

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The industrial age has resulted in exponential growth. This explosion in technology has resulted in much unchecked regard to the environment to which we are only now starting to realize the negative implications on a very personal level. Amongst all of the negative environmental impacts resulting from the industrial age, water contamination is one of the most sever of its implications. Aquifers globally (base water tables) are turning up reactive and toxic contaminants in alarming concentrations. Many of these contaminants do not break down for eons.

In North America, independent testing of various water sources has created enough buzz to have the Associate press pick up the trail. Their findings are alarming to say the least. The findings of the Associated Press resulted in findings of industrial contaminants that shatter the EPA’s guidelines for safety. Perhaps the most alarming result from their study are levels of pharmaceutical drugs in the tap water of every major city tested without exception. Never before have pharmaceuticals been present in water tables. The results of over 15 years of heavy medication of society at large has resulted in said findings.

In addition Municipalities apply both chlorine and fluoride to its drinking water. These contaminants are both carcinogenic and reactive. One example of chlorine’s reactivity is with ammonia when showering. The combination when put into steam form creates mustard gas. Both Chlorine and Ammonia are found in many city’s across North America. Fluoride was originally used as a rat poison and is also a powerful neurotoxin.

A powerful water filtration process designed to deal with this onslaught of chemical exposure to our bodies is needed. The most effective form of filtration of all chemical, pharmaceutical and inorganic contaminants is a reverse osmosis system that employs both pre and post reverse osmosis filters, in addition to the reverse osmosis membrane.

While it’s among the most effective methods of water purification, a reverse osmosis membrane alone is not 100% effective in removing chlorine, volatile inorganic compounds (V.O.C), pesticides, nitrates, herbicides and disinfection bi-products such as (chloramine, THM, TCE) ETC. However when pre reverse osmosis filtration is employed such as a SED Sedimentary Filter followed by Granular Activated Carbon combined with Block Carbon before the Reverse Osmosis Membrane, the results are impeccable. This combination results in a 95-100% reduction in all contaminants leaving the possessor of such a water filtration system with the purest of water.

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