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Quebec City Drinking Water – A Shining Example?

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Château Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada

Château Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quebec City has played a significant role in Canada’s history due to its location on the St. Lawrence River. What began as a lowly fort built by the French explorer Jacque Cartier in 1535 is today a culturally vibrant and growing city. But is this shining city a shining example of drinking water purity?

Water, Water Everywhere!

Because of its age and its numerous municipalities, drinking water treatment is not centralised. Until recently, these water treatment facilities were often privately owned. Following problems like drinking water shortages, epidemics and fires caused by intense urbanisation these facilities were taken over by the more than 1000 municipalities of the area. Water is taken from several sources; over 80% of Quebec City’s water is taken from surface water sources like lakes and rivers including the St. Lawrence River, Saint-Charles Lake, Montmorency River, Sept-Ponts River and Desroches Lake. The rest is provided by groundwater resources. In spite of this, the city struggles to meet the drinking water needs of its burgeoning population due to a lack of conservation and a need to protect the otherwise abundant watershed. A recent bloom of cyanobacteria in Saint-Charles Lake caused some alarm, since some forms of this bacteria can be toxic. It is believed that deforestation and the resulting build-up of phosphorus within the lake was a significant contributing factor.

Conservation and Maintenance are a Problem

Quebec City has a total of 534 drinking water treatment facilities, which treat surface water sources to drinking water quality using the standards set out by the Canadian government; however drinking water production may need to rise by 40% to meet the needs of the population in the summer months. Conservation in the city seems to be a huge problem; if one combines all usage – including industrial, individual and leakage, the average resident of the capital city consumes 530 litres of water a day, which is more than double the average European consumption.

An estimated 12% of distribution pipes are not in good repair due to age or lack of maintenance. This, along with the multitude of water treatment plants makes it difficult to monitor and ensure that all drinking water is Drinking Water Guideline safe. While all water distributed municipally is treated with chlorine to eradicate harmful bacteria and filtered to remove harmful elements a resident cannot be 100% certain their drinking water is entirely safe when it comes out of their faucets. Breakage in pipelines could cause harmful toxins to enter their drinking water supply, especially in times of high precipitation. This is also true for those 20% who rely on well water for their drinking water.

How to Make Sure Your Water is Safe to Drink

In a region where conservation of watersheds and maintenance and repair are minimal at best, a home water filtration system just makes sense. Even though there are 500 plus water treatment plants in full swing, a reverse osmosis water filtration system can help put your mind at ease that your water is pure enough for your family. Using the reverse osmosis water filter reduces the need to flush pipes before using tap water as it can remove any residual lead or other trace elements that may have accumulated while the water stood in them. For more information on how a reverse osmosis water filtration system can benefit your home, please contact us now, or visit our online store.

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