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Pure Water in Moncton?

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Moncton, New Brunswick, lies in the geographic center of the Maritime Provinces, but is the city’s drinking water as good as it could be?

How Does Moncton stack up in THMs in comparison with other Maritime cities?

Moncton was not immune when the alarming news story from the CBC pointed to high levels of THM’s in Newfoundland’s drinking water rising since initial tests in 2000. At that time, where budget restrictions did not allow other cities to immediately address what many felt was a critical health concern, Moncton managed to avoid the worst of the controversy. The city has worked feverishly to implement water treatment systems to ensure that THM’s are kept at a minimum in the city’s drinking water. According to the water quality report from 2011, Moncton’s THM levels were 75% below the maximum acceptable concentration outlines in the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

Where does Moncton get water from?

Moncton draws its drinking water from the Turtle Creek Reservoir, which also serves the nearby communities of Dieppe and Riverview. This surface water is treated at a plant built in 1999. The raw water is first subjected to a process called coagulation and clarification, where lime and alum are added to the water in order to form particles called floc which are easier to remove from the water, which is the clarification process. Anything not removed by this process is removed from the drinking water during the filtration process. Moncton utilises three separate filtration media to ensure that the drinking water is cleansed of iron and manganese, which is abundant in the area’s watershed. Manganese is linked to increased intelligence impairment in school-age children. After this filtration process, the drinking water is chlorinated in order to kill water-borne pathogens. A chemical called Aquamag, which is a food-grade ortho/polyphosphate that acts as a corrosion inhibitor to help reduce the corrosion of metal pipes during distribution. Because of its age, some areas of Moncton may still have lead pipes and this action reduces the likelihood of lead appearing in the city’s drinking water. As of December 1999 Moncton no longer fluoridates drinking water, which means that there is one less noxious chemical to remove from your drinking water.

Super Water Treatment Facilities do not Mean your Drinking Water is 100% safe

But how can you be 100% certain that what comes out of your tap does not still have manganese, lead or other potential toxins in it? Even the most stringent testing cannot guarantee that all contaminants are removed from your tap water. Be sure that your drinking water is safe. Manganese levels are apparently higher in summer months because of the rise in the temperature in the feeder lake. This is also the season where consumers will notice a change in taste an odour due to the rise in organic materials in the water. While adjustments can be made to ensure that most of it is filtered out, spikes in heat can cause spikes in detrimental elements in your drinking water. A well maintained reverse osmosis water filtration system can help remove what trace elements or unwelcome flavours from the chlorination process that might remain in your drinking water. For more information on how a reverse osmosis water filter can help your family, please contact us or visit our online store now!


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