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Pure Flexibility: Drink Water For Better Yoga!

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Drinking filtered water will make your yoga work better.

Drinking water produces immediate benefits.

Does a simple forward folding bend seem like an impossible feat? Are you feeling a little depressed because your toes and finger tips have never met? Do you struggle to get your heels flat on the mat in downward dog? Perhaps you believe you’re just not as flexible as most people?  While it’s true that some people are naturally more flexible than others, those of us facing flexibility challenges may do so simply because we don’t drink enough water.

Water is the foundation of the human body and it’s the largest single component of the human body, making up 60 – 75% of our body weight, depending on age and gender. Our muscles consist of about 75% water, and essentially all of our synovial fluid, the lubricating fluid between joints, is water. Water is absolutely essential to a healthy, flexible body. It’s the elixir of life – without it the human body can’t survive more than three to five days. So given the importance of water for a healthy body it’s a bit of a shock to learn that many health experts suspect that some 70-80% of the population is dehydrated.

When our bodies are dehydrated, our muscles are dehydrated. Dehydrated muscles feel tight. They spasm and cramp. They limit our movement. When we’re dehydrated our joints and connective tissues (like fascia tissue) don’t work well either – they feel stiff and tight. They pop and crackle like a bowl of rice crisps. Dehydrated muscles, joints, and tissues don’t glide over and around each other or maintain fluid motion – they seize and stick.

Experience will tell you that stiff, tight, sticky muscles and joints are not at all conducive to flexibility. When we’re dehydrated simple movements like touching our toes can feel daunting – and placing our hands flat on the floor in a forward bend may seem like the impossible dream.  But, I have good news. If you are struggling with flexibility, there is a very simple remedy. Yoga instructor and flexibility expert Lucas Rockwood tells us that, “one of the simplest, most powerful tricks for improving your flexibility right now,” is to “ drink more water”.

pure water makes stretching easier

Proper hydration makes you more flexible.

Water lubricates your muscles, joints, and tissues, and lubricated muscles and joints are fluid and flexible.  To keep our bodies well hydrated it is suggested that we drink, on average, 3 liters of water each day. That may seem like a lot, but it’s not a lot – it’s essential. Our bodies were designed for it!  Drinking enough water is not only crucial for flexibility, it’s crucial for optimal health.

Speaking of health – we don’t want to be pouring three liters of just any old tap water into our bodies… Tap water contains fluoride and other nasty toxins, which can lead to such conditions as skeletal fluorosis, a condition which impairs joint mobility and negatively impacts flexibility. The water we drink shouldn’t add toxins to our bodies – it should flush toxins from our bodies. So choose your water wisely.  Our bodies need pure, clean, water. A water filter is a wise and excellent choice. Bottled water is not a wise choice because of its negative impact on the environment.  We want to be kind to our environment; we want to be kind to our bodies.

Be kind to your body by nourishing it with ample amounts of pure, clean water each day for optimal health and an immediate increase in flexibility.

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