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Ottawa Water Quality: Should Residents Filter Their Water?

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Water Fitration In the Capital Of OttawaOttawa, as the capital of Canada, is a bustling and sprawling metropolis. Over a million people of diverse backgrounds make this city and its suburbs their home.  Ranked highly for both quality of living and cleanliness, The city has even been assessed as the second cleanest city in Canada and the third in the world.

Where Does Ottawa Get Its Drinking Water?

Ottawa relies on the Ottawa River for most of its water, which is treated and tested according to federal and provincial standards to remove suspended particles, algae, bacteria, vegetation and viruses. Ottawa uses chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria and viruses that may be in the water and chloramine to help reduce and regulate the presence of THMs that may be present in the water.  Though a large percentage of residents get their water from the river supply, some people rely on wells for their drinking water.

How Does Ottawa Treat Its Drinking Water?

The City itself has five well systems and two purification plants (Britannia and Lemieux Island Water Purification Plants) to provide drinking water to the more rural residents of the Ottawa area. These rural water filtration plants use chlorination, greensand filtration and activated carbon filtration to remove unwanted particulates and bacteria from drinking water.

Are All Of Ottawa’s Water Sources Safe For Drinking?

Not all well water is regulated by the city. Those residents who do not rely on the community well water filtration plants tend to rely on private wells for their drinking water. Wells provide water from underground, accessing an already-filtered source of water. Rainwater seeps through the ground, removing organic material and collects in underground pockets called aquifers. These aquifers are accessed by wells drilled though several layers of rock. Several problems can arise from the use of well water in the home. Some water sources can contain things like nitrates, which with prolonged exposure can cause Methaemoglobinemia, or sodium which can influence blood pressure, sulphate which can have a laxative effect, or chloride which can cause a salty taste in small doses and in extreme cases can be corrosive. These contaminants can be leached from rocks and soil and are common in ground water. You can have your water supply tested to determine what contaminants may be present in your drinking water.

How can Ottawa residents be sure their water is pure?

Most well users will use chlorine to decontaminate organic material and kill bacteria that might find its way into their drinking water, but these other problems are best combated with the use of reverse osmosis water purification systems.  Reverse osmosis water purifiers use a series of filters to remove sediment, dissolved salts, metals and other contaminants from your drinking water, making it safe and pure to drink and reducing the health risks attendant on your family using well water.

These systems also have the added benefit of removing any organic matter that may be present, reducing the chlorine taste and removing trace elements like lead that may be present from the use of older infrastructure within the city limits. Ottawa, having been populated since the 1800’s, sometimes has lead still present in the water system. A Reverse Osmosis water filtration system for your home is an economical and smart solution to your drinking water problems. Please visit our online store now to see what home water filtration systems can do for your family’s drinking water.

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