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Logical Hydration: Simple Ways to Consume More Water

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As a full time yoga teacher, one of the comments I hear most often is “I don’t drink enough water”. I hear it over and over again from the same people. We all need to consume more water.

What a human dilemma!

Water intake is something we would like to change, it is something that is so healthy for us, we talk about it often, yet to actually initiate change, do the act of a different motion, can seem impossible.

Some inspiration:

Water is obviously necessary to every human body’s survival.

Water hydrates the cells, helps the body to flush toxins, and aids in a feeling of energy and clarity. The fact is that every organ in the body benefits from being hydrated.

My intention is to convince you to drink more water  so I will share what I have learned from experience.

It is something you can experience too.

Try drinking 8 massive glasses of water a day and feel the difference it makes for you.  Tweet

To people with persistent cramping and pain, I would recommend that they hydrate! Everyone, hydrate!!

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I am not saying that I stick to this regimen 7 days a week, 365 days a year by any means, but the following are my guidelines I try to stick to.

Here are some ways that I consume more water:

-After every yoga class I teach or take, I drink at least one glass of water to help flush out toxins. I do not recommend that you drink during class, there is something to be said of the internal fire created with your yoga practice.

-Once a week minimum, or after a vigorous class/day I have an epsom salt bath. Half a cup of epsom salts dissolved in a hot bath for 20 minutes. I swear by this. If you are overwhelmed with stress, if you are coming down with an illness, or just physically run down, try it. Try once a week for a month, and drink a glass of water while you are there;)

-First thing in the morning, have your big glass of water with a teaspoon of either lemon, or organic apple cider vinegar. It is delicious, it alkalizes your stomach before anything else goes in there. This helps with aches and pains, food cravings, digestion, and the list goes on and on.

-Hot/cold therapy: steam or sauna for as long as you can stand it, then cold shower your whole body one joint at a time for as long as you can stand it. Continue back and forth for as long as you can stand it. I go for three rounds usually. Drink lots of water before, during, and after. This practice will flush your lymphatic system and should be experienced once a week. Words cannot describe how good you will feel, it must be felt. Please discuss this with your doctor first if you have any health concerns.

Herbal tea. Personally, I find when it gets colder outside, I want hot water to drink because I find that room temperature water cools me down. There are so many delicious herbal teas available to encourage multiple, daily hydration sessions.

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-Drink room temperature water. Not refrigerated – no ice. Once you switch you may never go back. The cold shocks the system, so it goes right through you, leaving you with less hydration and often has negative effects on the digestive system.

-Drink from a glass vessel if possible. Avoid plastics, while there are BPA free plastic water bottles there really is nothing as satisfying as the flavour of water out of a glass jar;)

-Find a quality of water that you enjoy. These days there are a number of additives in our tap water, some regions are worse than others. I avoid fluoride in my water at all costs. Sometimes I choose to go without drinking water because I can’t fathom the idea of drinking fluoride. If you look it up, you will know why. It is horrific stuff to put in your body!

-Drink water 30 mins before a meal or about an hour after a meal. We have a digestive fire that “burns” up our food, then creates energy, and we know how the rest goes. Do not put out your digestive fire. If you can avoid it, don’t drink during meals. I know this may be a crazy idea for some of you, so just decrease the amount that you drink during meals as much as possible.

“The three great essentials to accomplish anything worthwhile are, first, hard work ; second, stick to-itiveness; third, common sense.”

Thomas Edison

A clean body creates the foundation for a clean mind. A mind that is not distracted by foot cramps, or poor digestion, or pain, or headaches. A mind that can concentrate on gratitude for so long that it achieves absolute and eternal bliss, of course, due to lack of distractions from a sluggish body/mind. I hope you feel inspired to drink more water and good luck;)

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Tessa Rae Hamelin

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