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It’s Clear & Natural, But Is BC’s Water Always Safe & Clean?

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BC's Water Comes from Natural Sources
Water, water, everywhere, but – not all of it is safe to drink. Even if you were desperately thirsty you would probably have a hard time convincing yourself to drink water from a puddle – even if the water in that puddle appeared to be clean and clear. The same should be true for water from a natural source. Water from a natural source may look clean and clear – but it may not be safe to drink. Indeed, without the use of a water filter – and preferably a reverse osmosis system that produces absolutely pure water – you simply can’t be certain what’s in your water even if yesterday it was perfect.

Here in BC, Canada, we have some of the best tasting natural water in the world, and that’s due to the specific mineral content in our water. As rain falls over our natural wilderness and mountainous terrain, it collects and dissolves traces of the minerals that it comes in contact with as it journeys into our many streams and lakes or seeps into the ground water supply. It’s these minerals that give BC water its distinctive taste. And you don’t have to take my word for it – in February, 2012, the little town of Greenwood, BC was deemed to have the world’s best tasting water at the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting competition, where water experts with refined palates sample, critique, and rate the world’s best water.

Where Does BC’s Water Come From?

A great deal of BC’s natural water is surface water, which travels along its path through creeks and rivers and collects in lakes. But because water is the world’s greatest solvent, as it travels en route from its source it picks up traces of everything that it comes in contact with, from minerals and organic matter, to toxins and pollutants. So even though water may appear clean and clear to the naked eye – all manner of things might be dissolved in it.

What’s In BC’s Water?

Farm Runoff

Runoff can come from a variety of sources, including agriculture.

Naturally sourced water contains many minerals, some harmless and some which are toxic in high concentrations. As well, natural water also carries pollutants which run into it from nearby human activity such as industry and manufacturing, factory farming, and even residential gardening. The contents of runoff is always a cause for concern in surface water, but ground water can also be subject to such contamination which can seep through cracks in the rock, and layers of sediment and soil into the water below, and in the case of natural spring water, is carried from the ground water below right into the natural spring.

Now you might claim that the natural water in your area is clean and safe, that you know the area, and all is well. But – the source of your water might not be in your back yard. In fact, the water source could be 10 miles away, 20 miles away, or even further – and you may not be aware of all the activity going on near the water that could impact its quality. Water quality depends upon the all the activity going on in proximity to the water at its source and as it travels along its path. So although natural water can look clean and clear – and may even taste great, it may not be safe to drink because you don’t know what has dissolved into it. Natural water does not necessarily mean safe water.

How Can People In BC Be Confident In Their Drinking Water?

The only way to be sure that your water is truly safe is through purification – and only the best water filters can be trusted to provide contaminant-free, safe drinking water for you and everyone you care about. Please view our online store for high-quality reverse osmosis systems that provide consistent, 0ppm water at pennies per liter, and contact us if you have any questions!

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