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Home Water Filters In Halifax: An Excellent Idea

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Located on one of the world’s largest natural harbors, Halifax is rich in history and natural beauty. It enjoys easy access to water transportation and, according to the Halifax Regional Municipality, offers water that “meets all regulatory requirements and is often better than the federal standards for quality and safety.” But residents have complained of “musty” odors coming from the water and itching caused by it – and some people are even still served their water through lead pipes. For reasons such as these, Halifax residents may wish to strongly consider using water filtration systems and shower filters to ensure that their water is safe.

The Environment is important to Halifax’s drinking water supply.

Halifax’s location on the Atlantic coast ensures that weather extremes are not unusual. Halifax is humid, but the average number of rainy days is fewer than its west coast counterparts. As a result of its location, Halifax supplies drinking water from several surrounding lakes and their watersheds rather than a single river or aquifer. There are two major water supply plants and several smaller systems (for a total of thirteen treatment facilities) to supply the urban centers and the outlying rural and sub urban regions of the municipality. J Douglas Kline and Lake Major supply plants are the largest and use varied methods to filter and purify drinking water for consumption.

Because of the delicate nature of the source water supply, all eight watersheds (as well as three groundwater sources) are under protection to help regulate water quality at its source and to help reduce the influx of potential contaminants during any excess precipitation. Once the source water enters the water treatment plants, it encounters several filtration and purification processes, which can include direct filtration (dual or multimedia filtration), ultraviolet disinfection (to eradicate giardia and cryptosporidium and other bacteria), clarification (removal of organic matter and silt) and corrosion control (addition of sodium hydroxide) to limit the presence of lead in drinking water in the home. Water is also treated with the noxious chemical chlorine to kill any remaining microbes, and fluoridated in hopes of preventing tooth decay (though fluoride has come under significant fire lately).

Is Halifax’s water truly safe?

Concern over HAAs and THMs, by-products of chlorine disinfection, have caused many people to be more wary of drinking water directly from their taps. These are compounds formed by a reaction with chlorine and residual organic matter in the water. Though levels are not above what is considered acceptable by Health Canada standards it has been recommended that the addition of a home purification water system would be beneficial to help remove these potential contaminants. Reverse osmosis water filters are optimal, because they use more than one 1950’s and may still have lead piping or lead-rich solder used in their water systems. Though the city is working to replace lead piping and have instituted the addition of the corrosion control program to limit the presence of lead drinking water, preventative measures can be taken with a home filtration system. Visit our online store now, or contact us for more information on a reverse osmosis water purification system for your home.

If you’re at all concerned about the quality of your water, or you simply want to be certain, you should choose an Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis System. An Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis system will remove all contaminants from water, including THM’s and HAA’s, producing guaranteed safe water you can count on every time. And it’s only a few cents per liter! Shop online and save today.

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