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Cyanide And Our Drinking Water

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Cyanide in water. Filter it with RO.

Cyanide. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Cyanide is, while naturally occurring, a poison that is highly toxic to human beings. It may appear in water supplies either naturally or due to its use in industrial practices like mining and milling. And you should filter it from your drinking water.

Where Does Cyanide Come From?

Cyanide is produced naturally by certain bacteria, algae and fungi, and is found in most plants – especially of the hard-seed bearing variety such as apples, peaches and mangoes, though in less than lethal levels. But in all its many forms, cyanide is toxic to people. Some of these forms are found in chemical processes in mining, when gold and silver are extracted from their ores. It employed in electroplating and organic chemistry, in art photography and was once even used as an anti-caking agent in table salt and other foods. And of course, there’s its perhaps most widely known application – as a poison.

Throughout history, Cyanide has been used as a poison. First as a rat poison and inseciticide (it’s still used as the latter), cyanide is not commonly used aside from specific and controlled applications. One such example is found in New Zealand, where cyanide is used to control possums and invasive species.

How Might Cyanide Be In Our Water?

In Canada, cyanide has been known to be released into the water system from mining and milling industries and industrial processes like steel plants. There have also been instances of cyanide appearing in raw water supplies due to runoff from land where salt had been applied. The Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality require that less than 0.2 mg/L be present in drinking water. But there is growing concern that these levels are too high for many people – especially the vulnerable.

How Does Cyanide Affect Our Health?

Cyanide inhibits the ability of cells to utilize oxygen, causing them to starve. In high enough doses, symptoms resemble acute hypoxia which includes cardiac disturbances, seizure, loss of consciousness and more.

While long term exposure to trace amounts has resulted in few reported health problems, as a healthy body is readily able to eliminate this toxin as long as there’s not too much of it, people with asthma, hypersensitivity, bronchitis or other deficiencies in their metabolic processes may have difficulty processing any residual cyanide safely. And in one confirmed instance, cyanide levels in the cassava, a staple carbohydrate in several cbountries, have been linked to long-term thyroid issues with a sweeping list of effects.

Within water supplies, the most commonly used process used to treat cyanide toxicity is chlorine – which can cause health complications of its own.

RO Systems Ensure You Aren’t Exposed To Cyanide In Your Drinking Water

While boiling water can neutralize the toxicity of cyanide, it doesn’t remove it. And boiling your water can get very expensive. And bottled water is expensive too. The the most effective way to avoid cyanide toxicity is to not get exposed in the first place.

Of the different ways to purify your home’s water, reverse osmosis systems represent the best balance of guaranteed pure and safe water, and price. At pennies-per-liter, the water produced by Aquasafe is a fraction of the cost of bottled water. And much more convenient. Try an Aquasafe system such as our best-selling Maximus II today, and enjoy pure water.

If you’re at all concerned about the quality of your water, or you simply want to be certain, you should choose an Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis System. An Aquasafe Home Reverse Osmosis system will remove all contaminants from water, including cyanide, producing guaranteed safe water you can count on every time. And it’s only a few cents per liter! Shop online and save today.

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