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Cryptosporidium Within Your Water: Don’t Drink Parasites!

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Cryptosporidium parvum

Cryptosporidium parvum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Does Cryptosporidium Get Into Our Drinking Water?

Cryptosporidium can contaminate drinking water when surface water is sustained with runoff from rain, or is contaminated via seepage or leaching. This parasite is one of the reasons water treatment plants employ chlorine as a means of purification. Since chlorine is a poison, the idea is that it will kill these parasites before they come out of your kitchen faucet. However, cryptosporidium is chlorine resistant unless the proper contact time is employed, or ozone treatment is also used. When these prove ineffective, municipalities issue boil water warnings. But when when drinking water comes from private wells, testing may not be as consistent or as thorough as public water treatment facilities. And private water sources are far from immune to cryptosporidium. In fact, any contact with an infected creature can contaminate the water supply.

Infection is spread by consuming food or water that has been contaminated with the parasite. This includes contaminated water in pools, lakes, rivers, hot tubs or even fixtures like doorknobs, changing tables, or taps. This is one reason is it so important to wash your hands after using public washrooms and before preparing food and when travelling, in order to help ensure that your food is clean.

How Can You Prevent Infection?

Though bottled water may seem safer than tap water, not all processes are created equal. Cryptosporidium advisories state that bottled water must be treated via a reverse osmosis system, a distiller, or a water filtration system with a one micron or smaller water filter in order to guarantee its safety.

Of these, reverse osmosis systems are the most effective way to ensure that your drinking water is cryptosporidium-free. Reverse osmosis water filtration employs ro membrane filters with pores that are 0.0001 microns in diameter, smaller than the minimum requirement to remove the parasite from your family’s drinking water. For more information on how a reverse osmosis water filtration system can benefit your family please contact us.

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