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Beryllium Is Not Something You Need In Your Body Or Your Water

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Beryllium is a naturally occurring chemical element that increases hardness and resistance to corrosion when it is alloyed with other elements like aluminium, copper, iron and nickel, which, along with several of its other properties make it ideal for work with high-speed aircraft, space vehicles and even missiles. However, our bodies have no need of this element and in fact it is quite toxic.

Our Bodies Don’t Need Beryllium, But Is It Dangerous?

Commercial use of this element is a challenge because it is quite toxic, and it is therefore restricted to military and industrial use. It is commonly used in radiation windows for X-ray tubes, for pipes in high energy particle collision experiments and as a lightweight component in military tools and for non-sparking tools and electrical contacts.Beryllium, when inhaled, is corrosive and can cause a life-threatening allergic disease called Berylliosis. It is similar to tuberculosis and sarcoidosis in symptoms and therefore can be hard to diagnose. It is considered an occupational lung disease because it is associated with aerospace manufacturing. The disease is incurable, but symptoms can be managed.

Beryllium occurs naturally in some bedrock geology (it is found in over 100 minerals) and as such can leech into ground water supplies. It can also be present in discharge from mines, metal refineries, coal burning factories, and from electrical, aerospace and defence industries. It is considered a possible carcinogen. It levels are monitored, along with those of other radionuclides which may have detrimental health effects in high enough concentrations. However, Beryllium and other radionuclides encountered in drinking water are typically well below the threshold for potential health risks.

Where Might We Be At Risk Of Beryllium In Our Drinking Water?

If you live near any of the industries where beryllium is employed, there is a potential risk of higher beryllium levels in your drinking water due to run off – especially if your water comes from a ground water source like a river or a lake. Mining and other industries are strictly regulated and monitored to minimize potential water contamination, and your city may monitor Beryllium levels specifically because of this proximity. A home water filtration system – especially one as thorough as a reverse osmosis system – can ensure that you’re safe and unexposed. Please visit our online store now or contact us to see how a reverse osmosis home water filtration system can benefit your family

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