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3 Great Reasons To Remineralize Your Pure Water

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Reverse osmosis systems provide safe drinking water by purifying it completely. Remineralization turns our perfectly safe RO water into perfect water.

1. Remineralized water contains useful minerals for the body

While it is true that our food, not our water, is the main source of our dietary minerals, remineralisation fortifies water with calcium, magnesium and sodium to drinking water – some of the most important  essential minerals our bodies require:

  • Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth – and with our reduced consumption of milk products in our diets (due to a rise in lactose intolerance and health trends), a deficiency in calcium intake now affects many populations, as indicated by a rise in diseases such as osteoporosis – especially in women.
  • Magnesium is important in over three hundred functions in the human body. It assists in the production and transport of energy in the body, and its absence is notably felt in the form of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Sodium is important in many functions of the body as well, assisting with diverse functions such as nerve impulse transmission, through blood pressure regulation, to digestion and nutrient transport. It even involves controlling the absorption and retention of water – pretty important when we’re up to 60% water (78% when we’re born!).

2. Re-mineralized water can quench our thirst more effectively

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It contains electrolytes

When we drink re-mineralized water, we can be certain of its safety – and our bodies are replenished with electrolytes. These electrolytes also help with proper absoroption – and if our drinking water water doesn’t contain them, we provide them (though drinking pure water will by no means cause a deficiency).

It’s ionized

In addition, the minerals added back into the water alkalize the water, boosting the pH to a perfect healthy alkaline level – between 8.0 and 9.5 pH. When ultra purified water is re-mineralized and its pH raised, the water will becomes ionized. Water naturally “clusters” into approximately sixteen H2O molecules, but when ionized water form clusters much smaller – eight or less. These smaller water clusters make hydration possible on a cellular level which means that hydration occurs more rapidly and thoroughly throughout the entire body. We at Aquasafe think that’s pretty neat!

3. Re-mineralized water simply tastes better

While purifying our water removes all the undesirables, it is fact that the human palate is accustomed to drinking water with substances in it. Re-mineralized water offers the perfect blend of purity and flavor. And while pure water is completely safe, re-mineralized water is too – and the best tasting water you can find. A blend of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium has been confirmed in taste tests as the ideal mineral electrolytes, and re-mineralized water has been confirmed to make coffee taste better too, as a critical part of brewing the absolutely perfect cup.

Re-mineralize your pure water to enjoy perfect drinking water…

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