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100 PSI RO Booster Pump (Automatic)


Fully Automatic 100 PSI Booster Pump System

Designed for use with any R.O. System that includes a REVERSE OSMOSIS storage tank.

Need for this booster pump will arise if the input water pressure to your Reverse Osmosis System is lower then 50 PSI, the PPM count of the water is very high (turbid Water) or if you have a combination of both.

Set it and forget it! This Booster Pump is fully Automatic by way of its High and Low Pressure Switches that turn the booster pump off once the tank is full.

Produce 100 GPD by Increasing water pressure between 70-100 PSI
Easy Installation
Self Priming
Mounting Bracket with rubber absorbers
Whisper Quite Operation
1/4" Quick connect Fittings
Everything needed for Installation Included

Please Note: An Aquasafe storage tank must be present for this pumps automation to function

This booster pump system Raises the water pressure (PSI)in your reverse osmosis system and maintains the pressure at ideal levels for the system to operate at maximum efficiency.

This booster pump will ensure consistent production of the high quality R.O. water you desire and the compact Design of this Booster Pump with its minimal connections allows for easy installation..

This Booster Pump Is designed for use with Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems. Check the specifications carefully before applying this booster pump for other uses.

The following is included with a purchase of this Booster Pump

1 x 100 PSI Booster Pump
1 x 24V Transformer (Mountable)
1 x High Pressure Switch
1 x Low Pressure Switch
2 x Quick Connect Elbows Fittings (3/8" - 1/4" adaption)
1 x Pre assembled booster pump mounting bracket
1 x Extra Length of wire (If needed)

Booster Pump Specifications:

Nominal Flow Rate: 1.0 LPM
Max Pump Output: 110 PSI
Max Inlet Pressure: 60 PSI
Voltage: 24 VDC

Transformer Specifications:

Input: 120V AC 60Hz 38W
Output: 24V DC 1200mA
Model: Sp57-241200
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