reverse osmosis drinking water systems

Remove all contaminants from your drinking water. Get the purest water for your loved ones today!

Starting at $173.80

reverse osmosis aquarium R.O./D.I. systems

Stop buying and carrying water changes! 100 GPD of 0ppm Aquarium Grade RO/DI Water.

Starting at $149.99

Shower Filters

Chlorine in your shower water is putting you at risk. Get protected with this elegant solution today.

Starting at $42.40

Whole House Systems

General whole house water filtration for chlorine, sediment and odor removal.

Starting at $185.99

Parts and Accessories - filters, pumps and more

Find every filter, part, or accessory that you’ll need. Shop online and save.

Top Quality @ Great Value

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 Aquasafe Systems РTrusted Worldwide for Water Filtration, Since 1993

For nearly 20 years, Aquasafe systems have been trusted to guarantee a ready supply of pure water. Today, our reverse osmosis water filtration systems are among the most efficient, reliable, and economical water purifiers on the market, whether you require pure water for your home or aquarium

Water Filtration System

Why Choose an Aquasafe System?

  • Pure Water

    Aquasafe 5-stage reverse osmosis systems remove a minimum of 95% of impurities, and our 6 and 7-stage systems remove a minimum of 98%, for consistent readings of 0ppm

  • Reliability

    Our systems are built to last and come backed by a 3-year warranty and our Better Business Bureau A+ rated customer service

  • Value

    We offer a significant savings compared to many other providers without sacrificing quality, and a huge savings compared to buying bottled water

For safe and affordable water that you can depend on, choose Aquasafe!

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